call handling softwareCall handling software is a great investment for any contact center. In fact, it has come a long way through the years and is becoming an important part of the BPO industry.  It offers practical solutions to your call needs and adds professionalism to your existing telephone service.

What is a Call Handling Software?

This software has been developed to assist call center companies and other businesses in handling incoming calls from customers. In choosing a call handling software for your company,        consider the size of your business and its specific needs. To get the most out of the software that you choose for your company, take all its features that you need and integrate these with the current telephone system that you are using.

The following are examples of the popular features of a call handling software:

  • Voice mail – missing important calls from customers can lead to your business downfall; make sure that you don’t miss any calls by utilizing voice mail.
  • Auto-attendant – this feature is automated to answer incoming calls and direct them to the right agent. This is highly recommended for businesses that have several departments – customer service, sales, technical support and so forth. It lowers down the waiting times for your customers and ensures that their calls are routed to the right department.
  • On-hold music – utilizing on-hold music can help make your customers stay on the line while waiting for an agent to address their concern. In addition, you can use it to advertise your business and the promotions that you offer.




Benefits of Call Handling Software

  • Greater efficiency and productivity. Integrating a software system can help your agents become more productive as they can exchange information quickly and efficiently. It can help increase customers’ satisfaction level for service as their calls are immediately routed to the right agent. Moreover, your agents are able to create cases and track them with ease or even escalate the customer’s concern right away when necessary.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. Your customers’ satisfaction is always critical for business and they usually base their ratings with the interactions that they have with your customer service. Customer service plays a vital role in contact centers as this is where your customers ‘go’ if they need help, have questions or experience issues with your product or service. A call handling software can help your agents provide efficient assistance to your customers; they will have the required information at hand and provide the answers real-time and reduce wait times as well.
  • Enhanced reporting metrics. With the help of call handling software, call center managers are able to analyze their agents call volumes, case times, up-sell rates and other call metrics with ease. It helps the management team create more accurate reports and prevents delay in submission.

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