VoIP telephonyThe deployment of VoIP telephony in numerous organizations has resulted positively; it eliminated the high costs for long-distance calls and generally lowered the cost of doing business. Companies who have taken advantage of VoIP have experienced more than just saving money they have become more flexible!

VoIP telephony system allows businesses to configure their phone system to whatever best fits their communication requirements at the moment. Call centers have reaped the benefits of using VoIP platforms; through the technology of VoIP telephony, BPO industry is able to build virtual call centers and have remote agents on board for extended coverage.

The following are advantages of VoIP telephony for business purposes:



Improved Flexibility and Mobility

Aside from lowering your expenses, VoIP telephony also allows your agents to be more mobile. The system enables them to integrate various software programs such as email and remote conferencing over the Internet through the phone. Through this telephony system, agents are able to simultaneously access other applications while speaking with a customer. They can also hold conversations with customers anywhere because the adapter is usable as long as there is Internet connection.




Productivity is Increased

VoIP telephony helps call centers become more productive because it enables their employees to multi-task and accomplish more work in less time. Since using this system can help cut down telephone bills, call centers are able to allocate their funds to other aspects of the company. In addition, VoIP has enhanced voice feature that makes the conversation more clear than using traditional telephone system.



Plug and Play

VoIP telephony is very easy to install; you don’t need a professional technician to have the telephone system in place. Its easy-to-install feature is one of its advantages over traditional telephone system, which makes it appealing to various businesses worldwide. With VoIP, the risk for fire hazards due to cluttered electrical wiring is lowered. Call centers are able to easily configure and add new components to their telephone system whenever needed; VoIP telephony is easy to change and maintain because it uses digital signal software.



Easy to Manage

VoIP uses only one network to store a company’s data – this makes it easy for you to manage your data. It provides reliable communication, which helps improve your customers’ level of experience. VoIP telephony is cost-effective and available in wireless technology; it allows you to make low-cost calls from any location that has Wi-Fi such as airport, cafeteria and bookstores.

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