call blendingWhat is Call Blending?

Call blending is a technologically created system that has the ability to make outbound calls while being able to receive inbound calls too. Old telephone systems utilized in call centers require the agents to enter a code to activate either of the two call functions – inbound or outbound. Without call blending, it is impossible for both functions to be simultaneously used; after making outbound calls, an agent needs to inactivate the function and switch to inbound calling to receive incoming calls.

Many call centers are now using call blending to maximize the productivity of agents without overworking them. With this system, the possibility of an agent forgetting to log back in is reduced; the process is automatic – as an agent finishes with an outbound call and becomes free, a tone will emit from his or her headset signaling that the line is connected to another caller.

Call blending helps in the equal distribution of calls among the work stations in a call center. In that way, agents have the same workload; no agent is ‘bombarded’ with calls while some have nothing to do. And the best part is… you can keep your customers happy!




What is Screen Pop?

Screen pop is a type of computer telephony integration (CTI) software that enhances the call blending system. Through the screen pop, a live data link is created between the agent and the company’s CRM for every call. This feature can detect the caller ID and automatically searches the data saved in the CRM for a match; when a matching entry is found, the contact information of the caller is displayed on the screen.  However, if no matching entry is found a blank screen ‘pops up’ instead – the agent may type in all the relevant information of the caller in the appropriate fields.




Benefits of Call Blending

  • With call blending, businesses of all types stay productive even during down time. By allowing your agents to take both inbound and outbound calls at the same time, the amount of incoming calls lowers down and each agent receives the same number of callers. Everyone stays as busy and as productive; the number of net calls accommodated in a day also increases which results in a higher satisfaction level from your customers.
  • Call blending may help you cut down on your expenses because you can save on payroll. Your agents may now take inbound and outbound calls which cuts down your need to hire more employees. Each agent can take on the responsibility of handling both inbound and outbound calls; with proper training, they can carry out the task without sacrificing the quality of customer service calls.
  • Call blending also helps your representatives respond more intelligently to their calls. Each agent is provided with all the necessary information through utilizing a feature called screen pop; with sufficient information on hand, an agent is able to accommodate a customer’s needs as effectively as possible.

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