employee satisfaction managementYour agents are your ‘front row soldiers’. They handle your customers’ calls and help solve your customers’ issues; through proper call handling conducted by your agents, your customers remain satisfied with your service. In order to keep your customers happy, you should first make your employees happy. Employee satisfaction always leads to improved employee performance and productivity.

Managing employee satisfaction for your company includes creating a positive work environment for them. Your managers should be proactive and understanding in dealing with your call center agents and their work. The following are suggestions on how you can effectively manage your employees and help put them in a productive mindset.

Talk to Your Agents About Their Performance

May it be good or bad, your employees need to know their performance because it gives them an idea if they are getting closer to their goals or not. Your input about their performance at work is a big help; if you don’t give feedback, your employees may feel frustrated. It will make them feel ‘lost’, like they don’t know what they are doing or maybe even unappreciated. Providing your agents with feedback is one way of showing that you appreciate what they are doing. Make sure the feedback you give them is proactive and offers positive reinforcement.

Promote Success in the Workplace

Obstacles are inevitable in anything that you do in life. Your agents will most likely run into numerous obstacles while doing their job and this is not necessarily a negative thing. What’s not helpful is that if your management strategy does not do anything to remove these ‘roadblocks’ for your employees. Your inability to promote success in the workplace can decrease your employee satisfaction; it can demotivate your agents and make them unproductive.

Don’t Ask Your Employees To Do Something That You Won’t

This management technique is fairly simple to understand, don’t ask your employees to do something that you can’t see yourself doing. One way to gain your agents’ respect is to set an example. Assign your managers to take the frontline job from time to time. Or better yet, take some time to show them how to handle a customer’s call. This will show your agents your willingness to do a great job and provide them with tips on proper call handling as well.

Provide Support Whenever It’s Needed

One way to improve your employee satisfaction level is to provide valued support whenever necessary. This can take many forms such as updating your existing equipment when it is no longer efficient, providing incentives for a job well done, offering emotional support in times of unfair criticism and reasonable support to maintain an employee’s work-life balance. Providing management support when needed can help build your employees’ loyalty and keep them motivated.

Provide Adequate Training for Everyone

To be able to provide quality service to your customers, you must train your employees really well. Instill the motto that your employees are your best customers! Provide them with the best training program that fits their skill set and job description. Everyone in your company needs adequate training; avoid investing solely on leadership trainings because your supervisors, middle managers and agents need it too.

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