call center scriptingCustomers appreciate talking with agents who do not sound like they are reading from a script; many customers have expressed their dismay every time they speak with a ‘robot’ agent. While scripting is still observed among many call centers around the world, there are techniques that can prevent the conversation from sounding stilted. Get these techniques right and your customers will never find out that your agents’ calls are being guided.

Road Map Your Customer’s Journey

Determine your customers’ wants and needs and design a matrix of solutions against it; this will help you establish a smooth conversation your intended customer and make sure every part of the interaction is covered.

Role Play is Essential to Scripting

Role play the script you make with someone who is not connected to your business because they can give you honest feedback; full scripting rehearsal enables you to discover important things about your customers and helps you serve them better. Let your agents practice a new script for a few days until it settles on their minds and become natural.

Define Call-to-Action Points

Give your scripting a personal touch – create a script that will make your customers feel welcome to interact and respond. When a customer feels at ease during the conversation, they are easier to work with and are more likely to purchase your product or service. Also, consider if you need to make different versions of the script to meet the ‘expertise’ level of your agents.

Allow Your Agents to Free Wheel

Allowing your agents to ‘free wheel’ means that they can use your script as a guide but they converse with the customer in a natural way. This will enable your agents to use their skills, think out of the box, and at the same time build a stronger relationship with your customers. Having a strong relationship with customers that is founded on trust will reap benefits for your business; your agents can freely sell or cross-sell to your customers, which makes your customer service line a ‘revenue generator’ rather than just a ‘complaint hotline’.

Don’t Be Rigid

Always remember that every conversation is different and every customer has a different need; call center scripting may only be effective if your agents are flexible with their customer interaction. Make use of scripting tools that are fully integrated to allow your agents to think on their feet; real time updates provide helpful information that can contribute to a smooth and natural flow the interaction.

Don’t Have a Straight Line Flow

Always put your customer’s journey first on every interaction; you should adjust to your customer’s demands instead of the other way around. Effective listening and building empathy promotes a smoother conversation with the customer and allows appropriate responses that may lead to a successful outcome!

Don’t Underestimate the Power of QA

Maximize the use of your Quality Assurance agents – while it enables you to meet regulatory demands, it also enables you to focus on helping agents where they are failing.  It may be that your agents are overlooking important procedures, capturing repeated or incorrect data and much more. Implementing an early warning system allows you to take immediate remedial action and prevent your agents from committing the same mistakes.

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