prevent customer cancellationsCustomer cancellations are inevitable in the BPO industry and they can get very frustrating. There are many reasons that can lead a customer to ‘back out’ or cancel his order – most are triggered by ‘buyers remorse’; a feeling of guilt or anxiety that a customer feels after making a buying commitment.

Buyers’ remorse is quite a common feeling among all consumers; they get this after they make an incidental purchase – from a new pair of shoes to a new car. Customers always have the possibility to cancel their order unless you take steps to solidify your customer’s buying decision.

Solidify Your Sale

This crucial step in preventing customer cancellations is very easy to do, and it only takes a few minutes! You can solidify your sale by simply working through all the payment information and order details before asking your customer to share why he or she decided to buy your product or service. Do not sound hesitant when asking this question; make your prospect feel that you are interested to know why he or she decided to make a buying commitment with you.

You may rephrase the question in any way that makes it sound more comfortable for you; you can ask it like this: ‘John, I’m really glad you decided to go with us and get product X! I always like to ask my customers what made them decide to order, can you tell me the reasons behind your decision?’ After asking your customer, make sure to give him or her time to talk – your job here will be to listen! Avoid leading your customer to answer in any certain way, just wait for them to give their answer.

Ask ‘Why’ to Get a Second Chance

Whenever you receive a call from a customer who’s asking to cancel their subscription or purchase, ask them why. Make sure you ask in the proper way such as, ‘Please share me your reason why you felt it wouldn’t work for or benefit you any longer?’ This will help you dig deeper into what the customer’s issue really is. Knowing what the customer’s issue is will help you handle their frustration or hesitation  and give you the opportunity to ask for a second chance. With the help of some customer service skills, you may change your customer’s mind and solve specific doubts that came up along the way.

Help Your Customers Rethink Their Buying Options

Always try to start a constructive conversation to prevent customer cancellations from occurring; this will help you get to the root of the problem and enable you to take the necessary actions.

  1. If there’s any problem with the product, offer assistance to fix it.
  2. Set up a webinar for customers who find it difficult to use your product; this is a great way to show the customers ‘hidden benefits’ that they can get from your product too.
  3. Show them that you value their opinion and suggestion by adding their input to a public forum.
  4. If your customer has an issue about the cost of your product or service, create a billing option or give a discount.
  5. If the customer is just making a ‘knee-jerk reaction’, give him or her time until the feeling passes… then make a follow up call.

But if cancelling their subscription is truly the best option for everyone involved, just make sure that their final experience with the company leaves a great impression for your business.


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