Inbound/Outbound Training Skills

Kathy Sisk, founder and president, has more than 35 years experience in the call center industry. Kathy has had the unique opportunity of stepping into some of the most successful and most challenging call centers globally. Many of our clients achieve increases in their overall production that are above and beyond their expectations when incorporating Kathy’s knowledge and ability to assess, train, and enhance their call center operations. Each recommendation, technique and solution provided has been tested not only by Kathy Sisk personally, but by other leaders she has worked with within the Telemarketing, Customer Service and Sales industries. Kathy’s proactive hands-on approach provides the solid foundation that has given her company the reputation as being one of the number one training and consulting firms in the call center industry.


The Need For Effective Training

Often companies recruit the wrong person, or equip the right person with the wrong tools. Kathy Sisk Enterprises removes the guesswork by developing training programs using a unique “12 Step” scripting and training platform necessary to handle Inbound, Outbound and Call Blending for Telemarketing, Customer Service, and Inside Sales activities.

The problem is that many training platforms are effective for few, but not transferable to all. In other words, what works well for an “A” agent, may not work well for a “B” agent. Kathy’s goal was to design an outbound/inbound curriculum that not only worked, but that could also be transferable universally. The 12 Step Platform is proven, effective, and transferable.