offshore call centersShould I Outsource Near or Offshore?


For over 23 years we have been helping our clients outsource their campaigns. Many of our clients have expressed concerns whether they should outsource with near or offshore call centers due to the various reasons.


The following are the benefits to the client:



  • Typically lower servicing costs
  • College educated agents
  • Flexible in contractual terms
  • Little to no set up costs



  • Agents have strong accents
  • Poor comprehension and listening skills
  • Unable to think out of the box
  • Too rigid with improper voice inflection and pacing
  • Not using proper rebuttals and lack of consistency
  • Inferior results compared to US centers
  • Management is unable to identify mistakes; requires a professional assessment with recommendations.
  • Clients prefer centers to have the experience as opposed to training or micro managing the center
  • Client inability to fully understand staff; poor communications
  • Centers have raised their fees and therefore are not as cost effective
  • Higher agent turnover compared to a few years ago and it is steadily increasing
  • Reports are not detailed and or not sent to client in a timely manner
  • Center incapable of writing effective scripts/rebuttals; dependent on client
  • Staff are not accountable for minimizing and correcting mistakes
  • Not meeting US quality standards


The above list doesn’t mean that your center deals with these issues, rather it is strictly from experience with centers we or our clients have dealt with.


Here are a few solutions that help overcome a client’s fears when taking their campaigns near or offshore:



  • Recruit the right agents including lower and upper management
  • Build a variety of incentive programs to help motivate staff
  • Create a career path
  • Pay attention to details
  • Provide a professional and yet family environment
  • Ensure an aesthetically appealing workspace
  • Insist on excellence
  • Training should be advancing and ongoing
  • Hold staff accountable
  • Closer monitoring with proper ongoing coaching


The solutions above should be a part of any well run business; whether domestic, near or offshore call centers. Unfortunately, we have dealt with centers that don’t follow these practices and it shows in their service levels. It is vital to be diligent and conduct comprehensive interviews, obtain plenty of references, and contact a consultant who already has a list of quality centers with a proven track record of excellent performance.


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