pay-per-performanceAlthough the call center industry is continuously growing through the years, insurmountable problems are plaguing its managers. Qualified agents are difficult to scout these days especially when cost-based competition is getting tight. Companies simply cannot pay their employees high paychecks because it is not cost-efficient; but pay-per-performance can sometimes do the trick!

Some companies are able to control their payroll costs while retaining the best agents through a performance based pay system. Agents are paid based on the quality and quantity of their performance. Through this approach, a company can become more productive and remain afloat amidst a very competitive industry.



Get Quality Over Quantity with Pay-Per-Performance

Through the help of lead generation, more businesses are able to get clients to purchase their products and services. Moreover, lead generation helps businesses establish a strong relationship with their target market. PPP or Pay-Per-Performance system is becoming an ideal approach for many campaigns because it is effective in acquiring quality verified leads that result in sales conversions, as opposed to high quantity leads that do not convert at all.

PPP is also an effective approach if you want your business to become more productive. With this approach, you will only pay for the leads that have been converted into a sale; you only pay for results! This will keep your agents motivated to perform better and stay focused with their work as their pay depends on it. Keep in mind an agent who is paid based on results and performing has an opportunity to make more money, but it’s worth it knowing they are making you money!

In addition, getting more verified leads that can turn into sales can help save time and effort. You can avoid agent burnout and expect a higher return of investment as well. Using a Pay-Per-Performance approach is ideal to obtain 100 percent success in a lead generation campaign; consider this strategy if you are seeking to improve your company’s productivity and bottom line.



Key Factors for a Successful PPP

Some call center companies that use a Pay-Per-Performance approach are still not getting their desired results because they miss out on the key factors. What are these?

  • Supportive work environment – create a great agent work environment for your employees by establishing goals and accountability. Agent and management performance targets should meet perfectly. Managers should understand that they are accountable for the quality of their agents’ workplace; this should help them focus on the more important aspects of their job.
  • Agent talent – the success of a performance-based system also depends on your agents; you have to make sure that you put the right people on the phone for the right campaigns. To run a successful business, always make sure that you only hire people who can be a potential source of value to your company.
  • Measurement – this aspect calls for understanding the value of a call, which involves measuring cost, customer impact and quality. Most call center companies that use a Pay-Per-Performance strategy ‘score’ their agents based on productivity and neglect the value of the agent’s impact on the call. Avoid paying your agents for the wrong reasons by making sure that you implement a balanced score card; always check if your agents are following the rules when they interact with your customers.

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