marketingEvery business owner comes to that point wherein they seem to hit a ‘wall’ that blocks their creative marketing juices; they sit down and try to focus on creating their next brilliant marketing idea, but nothing comes to mind.

If this happens to you, don’t worry… it’s normal. All you need is a little help to get your game back on track. Here are 5 powerful marketing tips that may inspire you to bust through that ‘wall’ and bring home the bacon!

Utilize Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Boosting your business’ profits and sales does not have to be expensive; you may look for low-cost ways to enhance your products and services such as through social media platforms. If you want to take advantage of social media to market your business, you have to be shameless. You have to be an active participant in the business community to effectively reach your target market. Posting relevant content to your Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media accounts is highly recommended to catch your customers’ interest. Share your strongest visual assets and watch your business become popular over time.

Limit Customers’ Decision

It may sound weird to say that you should limit your customers’ decision, but a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is very effective in getting a clear commitment from them. Marketing experts say that if you give your customers more options, it is more likely that they will procrastinate and never make a decision at all; offering ‘which one’ decisions to your target market may result to a lost sale.

Post Powerful and Interesting Content

Always write for your audience. The most powerful contents that are posted today are those that were written with their key audiences in mind. This will show your customers how much you understand them – their pain points, their wants, their desires. Writing powerful and interesting content is a very effective marketing technique because it shows your customers that you value their needs and concerns!

Keep Your Posts Updated

A common marketing mistake that most businesses commit is abandoning their social media accounts; they create ‘killer’ content and then just leave it forgotten. Feature your best content in other related blog posts as necessary. You may link your content to other articles or posts that may interest your customers; engage them in a discussion at the end of your post by asking questions like ‘What do you think about this article?’ or ‘Do you have any insights to share on the topic?’

Advertise Your Product at Its Lowest Cost and Add a Bonus

An effective marketing technique to boost your sales and profits is to demonstrate a low cost for your product; you may do this by posting the price at its lowest time increment. For example, ‘Enjoy our product for only 90 cents per day’. This makes the product sound more affordable instead of saying that it’s priced at $325 per year. Also, you may add a bonus to every successful transaction – this technique prevents your customers from backing out of the commitment.

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