Every business understands that call center and customer servicing are a vital part of business growth and customer satisfaction. However, most businesses are either spending too much time, money and energy or, not enough.

KSE is here to help you balance your marketing efforts

When thinking about the different choices for your call center and customer service needs, keep this in mind…

National statistics show that it costs anywhere from $25-$35 per hour to maintain your own in-house operations.

When using Kathy Sisk Enterprises’ Project Management services,
you get all of the benefits of outsourcing offshore,

without the risk and headache

Kathy Sisk Enterprises will:

– Assign a dedicated Project Manager to oversee every aspect of your project from start to finish

– Develop a customized training curriculum and training materials specifically tailored for your project

– Develop the scripts, rebuttals, and reporting materials needed for the project

– Select the Service Centers from our network of pre-approved preferred vendors

– Obtain all required and legal documentation from the selected Service Centers

– Compile a team that will service the project, which includes hand selecting calling agents and making sure the correct management staff is allocated

– Conduct all initial staff training, including Management, QA, and Agent training, and administrate and manage agent role plays

– Provide ongoing training and calibration with the Service Centers and assigned gents

– Conduct daily/weekly report analysis of the Service Center activity to ensure industry standards are met

– Hold Service Centers accountable to industry standard regulations

– Provide ongoing call monitoring and Quality Assurance, as well as detailed assessments of each agent assigned to the project

And Much More!

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