We Provide Scripting Concepts That:

• Gain attention within the first 15 seconds of introduction
• Include qualifying questions that establish wants and needs
• Creates the need for your products and services
• Provides answers to objections which allow opportunities to sell features with benefits
• Include get reaction and trial closing questions that draw out positive reactions leading into an effective close
• Incorporate techniques on how to defuse irate customers
• Enable you to take control and plan your call objectives

Included In Script Writing Services:

• Customization of The “12 Step” Platforms
• Scripts For Inbound, Outbound and Call Blending Applications
• Objections and Answers
• Probing Questions To Qualify, Establish Wants and Create
• The Need For Your Products and Services
• Features, Functions and Benefits–The Selling Step
• Trial Closing Techniques
• Close and Post Closes
• Forms That Are Effective For Tracking, Recruiting and Increasing
• Agent’s Performance Levels

Scripts Customized For Any Campaign

Cold Calling – Market Research – Direct Mail Follow Up- Inbound Order Taking – Up Selling – Cross Selling  Reviving Lost Accounts- Prospecting Existing Client Base – Follow Up On Pendings – Direct Response Call Handling – Surveys – Polling – Lead Generation – Appointment Setting- Selling – Help Desk – Credit and Collections  Customer Servicing – Tech Support and many more.