telemarketing pros and consTelemarketing is not an easy profession; doing cold calls and handling rejection can cause high stress and tension to agents. However, it is an important tool used to market the products and services of many businesses. It is very helpful to learn what works and what doesn’t to experience telemarketing success.

You can use the following telemarketing pros and cons to evaluate where your business is today… these tips can help you determine whether you need to step up your game or continue with your current strategies.


Top 5 Telemarketing Pros

  • Get some rest and be ready for the day ahead. Going to work with enough rest gives you the energy to handle your calls with a positive attitude. You always need to be on your game to obtain telemarketing success; customers don’t like talking to agents who sound distracted and dispirited. Also, don’t hesitate to ask what you want. Whether it’s an appointment or a sale, customers appreciate it when you clearly declare the purpose of your call.
  • Ask interesting questions and be confident. Present effectively so that your customer will listen to what you have to say and find out more about your product and/or service. Make your conversation more engaging by asking great questions and have confidence.
  • Be honest and motivated. Customers today are very careful with their purchases because of ongoing scam and fraud issues, if you fabricate information to them to get their attention or a commitment they will find out. But if you are truthful, sincere and sound positive about what you are offering, then you will surely win their interest, trust and commitment.
  • Be patient and always exert an effort to build rapport. Telemarketing can drain the life out of an agent, it takes time and perseverance to master. However, successfully building rapport with your customers can foster smooth conversation and lessen objections. You may do this by using asking open-ended questions, using frames of reference, name dropping and speaking in a tone that exudes a personable and friendly attitude. But caution; don’t get personal!
  • Follow up and get a clear agreement. Always make your follow up calls on time and persist in following up until you know where you stand with your customer.

Top 5 Telemarketing Cons

  • Don’t hang up the phone. In telemarketing, your success depends on the number of calls that you make. If you still use a receiver, avoid hanging it up and utilize the end button on your computer screen instead. By doing this, you will get used to receiving more calls and avoid procrastinating or taking unnecessary breaks in between calls. Ongoing call outs are essential for building the number of successful calls that you make. When in an automated environment don’t use the pause button unless you have to. Pausing too much kills time and time is precious when making telemarketing
  • Don’t waste your time on those who are uninterested. Time is valuable in telemarketing; don’t waste your time trying to change the minds of people who are obviously uninterested on what you are offering. Watch out for signs that will tell you if a customer is just wavering or if he or she is truly uninterested. Doing so can help you obtain more success and avoid experiencing unnecessary frustration.
  • Avoid apologizing for calling. Your customers know that you are not sorry for calling, so don’t apologize. Apologizing only weakens your presentation and makes you appear less confident.
  • Do not be afraid of objections. Turn your customers’ rebuttals into something positive by challenging them with good questions or restate the positives they have already agreed to. Also, do not be hesitant to ask for the sale but only in the right timing. Closing prematurely will hurt your selling process.
  • Do not be disrespectful. Customers are discouraged to buy from agents who are rude and dismissive. No one wants to be disrespected; always address your customers politely and be sincere about it. Moreover, avoid eating, gum chewing and drinking when taking calls – the chomping, gulping and chewing sound will distract your customer.

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