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The call center industry has become more competitive over the years. You need to come up with smarter techniques to keep not only your business afloat but also your call center agents more productive.

People say that ‘you get what you reward… so reward what you want to get’. Determine what’s important to your business and work on it. Is hitting the monthly targets crucial to your business? Do you want to focus on creating a working environment that encourages self-development? Whatever it may be, make sure to use motivational approaches to light a fire in your call center agents and not under them.

The following are tips that can help agents become more effective on providing quality service to your customers:



Use Buddy Up System

Buddy-up a poor performing agent with a high performer so they can learn how to approach their calls and yield better results. This is also a good way to promote teamwork among your employees as they exchange ideas on how to improve customer satisfaction through better call handling.



Empower Your Call Center Agents with Feedback and Praise

Management finds it very easy to reprimand and coach agents who are performing below expectations and neglect to praise those who are doing well. Make sure to give your high performing agents the proper recognition that they deserve. Also, to reduce staff frustration and improve your customer’s experience ensure that your agents have the right information at the right time.



Allot Sales Calls Intelligently

Routing calls to the right people can help save time and reduce agent burnout. Let your call center agents use a ‘tried and tested’ script to quickly identify a possible sale from not. However, keep in mind that they shouldn’t be too inflexible that they sound impersonal on complex calls. Customers usually prefer to talk with someone whom they can relate to because they feel that they can trust the person – like a mom talking to a fellow mom.



Provide Incentives and Design Contests to Boost Productivity

Great incentive ideas include vacation approvals, parties and giving your agents the chance to choose their shifts. Agents always perform better if they know that they will be rewarded for a job well done. Design contests and games that will encourage healthy competition among your agents; it can be anything such as having the best handling time or making the most sales. This technique will help your call center agents work hard to become proud of their stats and boost their morale.

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