reduce customer frustrationThe success of your business strongly depends on your customers’ loyalty; if your customers are unhappy with your product or service, they fail to become advocates of your business and can cause serious damage to your business image. Reduce customer frustration by building a strong customer service; call centers can effectively increase customer retention by continuously improving their customer service department.

The key to a successful business is finding the right balance between providing excellent service and quality product to your customers. If you can achieve this, then there is no doubt that your business will have high loyalty and increased profits. To effectively reduce customer frustration, you should take the time to analyze what your customers dislikes are; identifying what can cause your customer’s frustration can help you prevent them from leaving and taking their business elsewhere.

Top 3 Causes of Customer Frustration

  • Hold times – customers have always hated long hold times; it has been a prime cause for a customer’s dissatisfaction because customers do mind waiting. Lineups are frustrating; they prevent the customer from moving forward with their agenda. Businesses that are unable to properly manage their lineups risk losing their customers altogether. Reduce your hold times by employing enough staff to handle calls and incorporate automated identification systems – these systems allow you to get information about what the customer is calling about and route their calls to the right agent. Virtual hold is also another effective solution to reducing hold times; offer your customers a call back option instead of having them wait in line for the next available agent. A Call Back option will allow the customer to decide if they prefer to be called back and the call back is promised within a certain timeframe.
  • Poor IVRs – customers often do not have a problem with IVR (voice self-service systems). However, many of them do get frustrated with IVRs that offer too many or incorrect options. To reduce customer frustration, create an IVR system that is simple-to-use; make it customer-friendly and if possible, design it in a way that your customers may use it as an opt-in whenever they call. Make sure you offer only a few options but those options are targeted to meet your customers’ call handling needs.
  • Call transfers – contrary to what many call centers believe, customers are not frustrated about call transfers. What they are frustrated about is that they have to repeat their information over and over again or they get the ‘run around’. Let your customers know that you value their business by not wasting their time; design an automated ID and verification process where a customer can provide all the necessary information and they do not have to repeat it to the agent when the interaction begins. The key to success is effective information sharing; utilize all the resources available to your business and make any re-verification process as short as possible. Be sure to avoid the run around and ensure, when your customer is transferred to an agent or certain department, they are transferred accurately.


Make An Emotional Connection

Fulfilling customer satisfaction goals have been prioritized by many businesses for years; forward-thinking companies have designed great solutions to successfully address their customers’ needs through a call center approach. Your customer service department’s main goal is to properly handle each call wherein a customer ‘goes away’ feeling satisfied and will return with confidence that they will receive good service.

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