call center metricsA call center operates in a very stressful environment; tens to thousands of calls need to be managed every hour whilst maintaining quality customer service. The success of a BPO company depends on how its call center metrics is measured and monitored – this includes call volume, call resolution rate, rate of service level and many more.

Always keep track of the right data to ensure your business’ quality performance, especially through hectic days. The most successful call centers of today have gotten rid of facts and figures that do not provide important information to the company. Instead, they went straight to the ‘heart’ of what should be measured and monitored to ensure the quality of your customers’ experience.

Here are the top 5 call center metrics to look out for to pave your company’s way toward success:

First-Call Resolution (FCR)

According to research, first-call resolution is one of the most important call center metrics; it has a big impact on customer experience and increases satisfaction ratings effectively. Having high FCR also helps call centers cut down on their operating costs by reducing the cost burden of callbacks. They also enjoy reduced revenue at risk; when your customers’ problems are resolved on their first call, they are less likely to leave you and go to your competitors.

Service Level and Response Time

Service level and response time are fundamental call center metrics that lead to effective company management; these KPIs let you know if your customer service is accessible enough to your customers. It helps you determine if you need to hire more agents to provide the quality service that you aim for as well as your business’ standing compared to other call centers. Service level and response time provide you with the data you need to achieve your goals.

Schedule Adherence

This call center metric is measured based on the time an agent is logged in and available to handle calls; adherence usually consist of time spent interacting with customers, time spent on after-call work, time spent waiting for incoming calls and time spent making outbound calls. Time spent on breaks and trainings are not allotted on calls and therefore not included in schedule adherence.

Contact Quality

This is one of the most critical call center metrics that helps gauge the performance of your agents, regardless of function, size and type of business. In fact, it is considered as a high level metric and an individual agent performance measure. Contact quality is measured by monitoring and recording every customer interaction; these interactions are rated by QA specialists with the use of a comprehensive form that contains the following key criteria:

  • Appropriate greetings and script adherence
  • Courtesy and professionalism
  • Provision of correct and relevant information
  • First-call Resolution
  • Accuracy in data entry

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an important KPI because it directly affects customer loyalty, company revenue and employee performance. All successful companies put high value in providing satisfaction to their customers; measuring customer satisfaction in the most accurate and consistent ways can help you implement an effective plan in place and obtain success in no time. Moreover, it can help you make key improvements on your products and/or services before your customers take their business elsewhere.

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