lead generationWhat is Lead Generation?


Lead generation is building consumer interest for specific products and services and luring your target market into inquiring about your business. You may use a database, software or other specialized services to obtain the information that you need. Useful leads can help you increase sales revenues, scout new clients, establish a solid e-newsletter list and so forth.

Surfing various web sites and search engines are excellent sources of leads, but this strategy can be quite consuming. There are companies that offer to search leads for different businesses for a fee – they handle the research and provide their clients with the list of leads. Businesses that use this kind of service include wholesalers, educational institutions, insurance companies, etc.

There are also vendors that design computer programs that specialize in lead generation. However, the idea of gathering information without the consent of your target market may be considered unethical by many. Try to avoid sending unsolicited emails too as you may be blacklisted if people find your advertising as ‘Spam’.

Here are top 5 lead generation strategies that can give you solid leads and keep your business afloat:



Create a Powerful Video About Your Product


Many people are visual learners and you can catch their attention by creating a product video that appeal to that sense. A powerful product video can keep your target market engaged and encourage them to take action. In addition, it is relatively easy to make especially with the help of tools and applications.


Call to Action


Take time to look at your website… does your call to action STAND OUT? If you’re having a hard time deciding, squint and look again. Make your landing pages noticeable! This is an effective lead generation strategy and it will generate more traffic to your website too.


Optimize Your About Page


Your ‘About’ page is crucial to your website and business because this is where people see who you are; this is where they establish their first impression of you and your business. Try to include a solid value proposition in your headline and break up copy into small paragraphs. This will make your content more appealing to read and encourage your ‘visitors’ to click your CTA.


Post Blog Posts Consistently


You may have heard about this a number of times already – blogging is an effective lead generation strategy. However, many companies still fail to take advantage of this idea; they give up on posting strong content after a month or two of unsatisfactory results. Consistent blogging can drive traffic to your website and later on improve your sales.



Optimize Strong Content


Writing strong, in-depth content for your blogs usually takes time, but usually pays off in the end. Strong content can continuously drive traffic to your website long after their publish date. If you have a steady flow of traffic, you continue to attract leads. Make sure to always optimize strong content on your blogs and post CTAs on your popular posts.

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