training the trainer‘Teaching should be such that what is offered is perceived as a valuable gift and not as a hard duty.’ – Albert Einstein

Many highly skilled individuals in their particular field or industry have a difficult time imparting their skills and knowledge to other people; not everyone possesses the ‘gift of teaching’ and not everyone can be an effective teacher or trainer. Helen Camm, consultant at Training, Change Management and HR Consultancy, reckons that training the trainer is the perfect solution to the circus of development initiatives that occurs in a call center.

Just like any other employee, a call center trainer should always strive to do well in his or her field. There are a number of benefits that training the trainer programs may offer to anyone who participates in a regulated course and these are the following:

  • Consolidation and development of existing knowledge and skills through communication and learning skills. Trainers are usually considered highly-skilled individuals in their field; but most of them have difficulty in effectively communicating their knowledge and skills to other people or trainees. By participating in any appropriate training program, a trainer learns how to better compile and consolidate their knowledge to others. Training the trainer courses usually include areas of training analysis, principles of learning, question techniques and much more. As training and learning are naturally linked, understanding the techniques of training others can help trainers better understand their own learning processes.
  • Trainers become better at their field and therefore, attract more employers and higher income. As the industry becomes more competitive, candidates who have better training qualifications under their belt are more sought after by employers. Possessing the knowledge to effectively train others is viewed by employers as a credible skill; this may also be your ticket for immediate appreciation or potential expansion of responsibilities.
  • Leapfrog your competition. Learning and teaching always go hand in hand; you are most likely to stay involved in the training field if you stay trained and continue learning teaching techniques that may enhance your ability.
  • Possess recognized qualifications. Uniform knowledge requirements are met if you possess recognized qualifications in your field; any company or employer will readily hire you if you have the qualifications that they are looking for. You may use these skills to your advantage by clearly demonstrating your skill level and understanding of the necessary training techniques.

Effective Training the Trainer Program

Training the trainer programs should be properly designed to guarantee its efficiency. The following are ideas on how these programs should be constructed:

  • It should be learner-centered; the training program should always meet the needs of the trainees.
  • It should consist of exercises that are relevant to the purpose; it should discuss training styles that can be found in the final program.
  • It should consist of strong learning materials that guarantee immeasurable outcomes.
  • It should allow participants to demonstrate competency through the assessments included in the course related to their particular field.
  • Finally, training the trainer programs should have an accreditation or certification process.

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