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Kathy Sisk Enterprises offers a wide range of consulting services. When it comes to call center solutions, whatever the need is we can help you. Ares you can consider:

  • Call Center Assessment (overall assessment of your operations and what are your strengths and weaknesses)
  • Agent Assessment (from new recruits to veterans. We can help you determine what areas need to improve including those not trainable)
  • Team Leader and Trainer Assessment (is your management and training department doing the best job they can, or do they need more tools and training)
  • Infrastructure (do you have the right CTI in place)
  • Call Center Set Up and Reengineering (whether you are starting off with a new operation or have one already, we can assist you from start to completion ensuring you have everything you need for a state-of-the-art operation)
  • Recruitment (we can help with your recruitment or advice you on how to recruit top notch talent and keep them)
  • ABCD Plan (we can help you segregate your agents by level of ability and expertise and customize your training and payouts to meet the ABCD requirements)