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No Cost Outsourcing and Project Management Services

For Businesses

Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc. has serviced the call center outsourcing industry since 1991 and is successful at helping clients with their campaigns and assigned centers achieve optimum results!

Kathy is considered a “master strategist” in the Call Center industry. She is both motivational and inspirational when she speaks and offers a wide range of information to all who have the pleasure of attending one of her seminars or workshops.

Kathy’s company works with clients and call centers globally providing outsourcing and project management services from call center selection, set up to ongoing training and coaching. While Kathy and her team manage the call center daily activities, her clients can focus on their core business.

Project Management Services

  • Are you outsourcing your Inbound, Outbound, Customer Service, Sales or Telemarketing?
  • Trying to reach Qualified Businesses or Consumers?
  • Do you have a need for Legitimate Centers and Agents who are hand selected and trained by an expert that can achieve results?
  • Tired of centers not giving YOU the ROI you expect?
  • Unhappy with the Results and do you quickly Abandon the center or project?
  • Have the assigned agents represented you well?Are they burned out? Have the agents given up due to Underachievement? 

Are you losing money?


If you answered “YES” to anyone of these questions, then Kathy Sisk Enterprises is Your Solution!

Listen …… We have a long-term track record of 40+ years helping clients with their campaigns and assigned call centers improve how they service our clients.




You’ve probably heard this before but it’s worth repeating:The definition of insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results! Don’t’ keep falling into the same trap that doesn’t take your campaigns to the next level.




In order to grow you must first ensure your campaign, on a small level, experiences success. Once success is achieved you can cookie cutter that success and soar!



We Can Help You

Tap into our decades of experience where we have helped our clients with their outsourcing campaigns. We have trained and managed thousands of agents to improve their presentation skills and accelerate our clients’campaigns.  With Kathy Sisk Enterprises at the helm you too can build your campaigns into the 21st Century. We achieve this by incorporating our techniques and “know how” when setting up and managing your campaign. 

We Offer the Following Project Management Services:

  • Select the Ideal Center We Have Confidence in Servicing Your Campaign
  • Agent Pre-Assessments to Ensure You Get The “Cream of the Crop”
  • Campaign Customization. Such as, Script Development, Training Curriculum and Detailed Reports
  • Initial Set Up
  • Campaign Training 
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Ongoing Quality Assurance and Campaign Assessment, Coaching &Consulting
  • Center Management 

What’s The Bottom Line?

We Are at No Cost! 

That’s correct…. we do not charge our clients any fees for our project management services. Our centers retain us to provide these services. This is a Win-Win proposition! Our clients get a reputable and experienced company to set up and manage their campaigns and the centers receive invaluable training, coaching and management. Our objective is to make sure our clients are represented well and serviced with excellence!   

We Look Forward

To Discussing The Opportunities  

Let’s Have A Dialog How We Can Work Together!

 Kathy Sisk Enterprises Outsourcing Services 

The services we offer greatly benefit our clients. We offer greater assurance that you are represented well.

We will:

  • Assign a dedicated Project Manager to oversee every aspect of your project from start to finish
  • Develop a customized training curriculum and training materials specifically tailored for your campaign
  • Develop the scripts, rebuttals, and reporting materials needed for the campaign
  • Hand select the Centers from our network of pre-approved preferred vendors
  • Obtain all required and legal documentation from the selected Centers
  • Compile a team that will service the project, which includes hand selecting the assigned agents and to make sure the correct management staff is allocated
  • Conduct all initial staff training, including Management, QA, and Agent training, and administrate and manage agent role plays
  • Provide ongoing training and calibration with the assigned agents
  • Conduct daily and weekly report analysis of the activity to ensure industry standards and campaign goals are met
  • Hold Centers accountable to industry standard regulations
  • Provide ongoing call monitoring and Quality Assurance, as well as detailed assessments of each agent assigned to the campaign
  • Terminate any assigned agent and replace with a more viable agent
  • Ongoing client and center consulting for duration of the campaign