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Script Development & Customization

Kathy Sisk EnterprisesInc. provides the right tools for the right people.  Tools such as:

  • Scripting concepts that gain attention within the first 15 seconds of introduction
  • Qualifying questions that establish wants and create the need for increased productivity
  • Answers to objections, which allow opportunities to sell features with benefits
  • Trial closing questions that draw out positive reactions, leading into effective closing.
  • Scripts that defuse irate customers, handle collections, and conduct retention calls, up selling and much more.

Kathy Sisk has written thousands of scripts for various companies from consumer, fundraising, credit and collections, banking and financial, insurance and mortgage to business to business such as technology, merchant processing, advertising, hospitality, timeshare and healthcare to name a few.

  • Customization is based on Kathy Sisk’s world renowned “12 Step” Platforms.
  • Scripts can be custom fit for Inbound and Outbound Calling Campaigns
  • Objections and Answers
  • Probing Questions to Qualify, Establish Wants and Create the Need for Your Products and Services
  • Features, Functions and Benefits–The Selling Step
  • Trial Closing Techniques
  • Close and Post Closes
  • Forms That Are Effective for Tracking and Increasing Agents’ Adherence to New Scripts and Measure Their Performance Levels