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eLearning for Call Centers

About your trainer

Kathy Sisk is the founder and CEO of Kathy Sisk Enterprises Inc., with its corporate headquarters located in California and satellite office located in the Philippines. Kathy is a world-renowned International trainer and consultant, and has contributed over 40 years of her expertise to the Call Center Telemarketing and Customer Service Industry. She is a published author of many manuals and books focused on her industry. Kathy is well known for her 12 Step Platforms for inbound and outbound call handling. She is a frequent speaker at top industry events and contributes articles for many industry related magazines including her own monthly column, Kathy’s Corner in Connections Magazine.

Kathy is considered a “master strategist” in the Call Center industry. She is both motivational and inspirational when she speaks and offers a wide range of information to all who have the pleasure of attending one of her seminars or workshops. Kathy works with call centers globally providing outsourcing campaigns on behalf of her clients where she and her team customizes each and every campaign and provides training and project management to the assigned centers. Kathy is the definition of a true Entrepreneur and self-starter; she is ambitious, driven, a visionary, fearless and most of all Kathy is compassionate about people and her work.

What You Can Learn


We Provide the most advance training programs for call center solutions globally. Offering 3 courses with over 25 modules, students will learn effective call handling techniques and increase confidence and motivation – all for a low cost enrollment.



Accent Reduction Course

An accent can be one of the biggest barriers to effective communication… but it doesn’t have to be!

Our accent reduction course is designed to help students neutralize their accent, removing communication barriers between them and the American listener. The course comprises of 4 modules taught by Kathy Sisk.

Customer Service Course

Good customer service is vital to every company. It’s a customer service representative’s responsibility to exercise excellent servicing skills to benefit the company they work for; but moreover for the benefit and well being of the customer. This course helps students improve skills using proven methods that most successful companies implement. Although most of this curriculum applies to inbound call handling, many of the techniques can be used for any customer service environment.

Outbound Course

Do you want to improve your results and overall confidence when handling outbound calls? Do you need help and tools to engage your prospects or customers to remain in control of your presentation so you can spend quality time when presenting? Our Outbound Course is for you!

Our Outbound Course is our most comprehensive curriculum, with 17 modules to choose from.

Outbound Course