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Outbound Script Writing Principals

How can an outbound agent overcome the pitfalls of heavy legislation that affects agent burnout? By incorporating script-writing principals using the 12 Steps To Successful Telemarketing.

Since the national do-not-call registry took effect, many telemarketers have inundated unregistered consumers with outbound calls. Furthermore, many call centers have discovered just how crucial it is to have properly designed scripts that comply and distinguish them from their competition.

In today’s heavily legislated environment, companies are forced to make drastic changes to their script-writing principles. This change is to ensure that their agents adhere to legal compliances while meeting demanding production requirements.

When making outbound calls, particularly more challenging type calls such as, cold calls; scripts require careful step-by-step planning to help agents get through the call professionally and personably while meeting the legal compliance requirements enforced by both State and Federal authorities.

Throughout the years I have had many opportunities to visit call centers across the globe, and have identified two primary weaknesses in the agent’s call scripts:

  1. Most scripts do not provide enough focus in the flow for agents to easily channel from the “Introduction” to the “Post Close.” Typically, it’s expected that the agent “think outside the box,” but in reality, that is not always possible when the agent is inexperienced, poorly trained and or services a new campaign they have very little to no prior experience with. A poor delivery will reflect negatively on the company ultimately causing a decline in sales and customer retention.
  2. The agent may not know what the primary fears of their prospects are and how to overcome them before they surface into a negative encounter.

For the past 35+ years I have trained agents’ my “12 Steps To Successful Telemarketing” (with modifications to meet legal requirements). When the 12 Steps are followed, agents’ productivity far surpass production goals while meeting the demanding compliance issues we face today.

Scripting writing is an art and needs careful attention to the direction, verbiage and style of the presenter. Whether your scripts are written for inbound or outbound calls, and if your agents handle customer service, tech-support, sales, and particularly if they are cold calling, the 12 Steps will further enhance an agent’s style of delivery and give them greater control of their calls that produces positive results!

Next month’s issue we will tackle the pitfalls of the “Introduction” of an outbound call, and if not done correctly can quickly lose agents confidence and productivity.

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