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A-B-C-D Agent

The ABCD Agent allows agents to advance within without losing good agents from the floor. When you build an internal advancement for your agents, you will accomplish several benefits:

  1. Each level of agent is clearly identified
  2. Higher compensation is given to agents who have advanced
  3. Lowers your turnover due to mid to higher level agents are recognized and given more challenging responsibilities along with higher compensation
  4. Less productive agents are given special attention and set apart from the rest of the group for more one on one.
  5. Overall it builds agents confidence and they believe that they can accomplish more. You are able to retain your best agents on the floor as opposed to losing them to team lead or another position that may seem more glorified but doesn’t nearly given the recognition and pay out if they remain as agents.

How Do You Develop an ABCD Plan?

First define what is an A-B-C-D agent. For example, you’re A agents are new recruits, they are in training or under par in their performance and need more one on one time with your floor trainer not the floor supervisor or team lead. All new recruits will pass through this level during the initial orientation, product, computer and skills training.  However, some agents will need to remain in this category for a longer period compared to others due to their learning process is at a slower pace. Others may go through this level quicker; their learning abilities are at a faster pace. Once the “A” agent has achieved the minimum requirement, they can advance to the next level, a B Agent.

The B Agent comprises of about 40% of your entire floor of agents. These agents have already learned the basics in level A and will now begin to be more progressive in call handling.  Their dialog is scripted but read in a friendly non-canned manner.  Because this group brings in your greatest profit, more time and attention are given to them.  The B Agent will bring in the most revenue and cost less to employ. This group prefers to work with a larger base and a smaller incentive. However, when these agents have achieved a proven track record, your better producers will advance to the next level in a month or so.  Most of the agents in this group desire a stable income and they will work hard to keep it. Therefore, if that means making the best use of their time and following procedures, they will. These agents will need close supervision and plenty of hands on training to keep them from becoming burned out and going back to an A level agent.

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