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What Are The Best Methods For Recruiting?

Technology has influenced people in so many ways that employers have developed the habit of hiring candidates from the Internet. Although it is not an entirely bad idea, not all good candidates can be sourced from the Internet. You cannot rely completely on the World Wide Web for all your recruiting needs; always remember recruiting ideal labor takes work.

After being hit hard by several recessions, fueling labor growth has been the focus of many companies. Having a hiring plan is a great step in achieving stronger employment. It also provides competitive advantages such as lowered costs, a successful hire and reducing employee burnout in the long run.

Here are effective tips on recruiting ideal labor:

 Set Clear Requirements for the Position, Not the Person

The first step to finding the best candidates for the job position that you offer is to have a compelling vision of what the job entails. Try to be more creative and specific with your job descriptions; ask your hiring managers what the person really needs to do to be successful with the job. Always remember that the best candidates will only apply to a position that offers growth opportunities.

 Establish a Powerful Pitch

Your pitch needs to be powerful to attract the best candidates for your job offering. It may sound like this: Are you willing to explore a job position that is clearly superior to what you are doing now? Most of the qualified candidates will answer ‘Yes’; using this approach every time you talk to a qualified candidate will help you hire the best among the rest. This approach is also effective to use in your advertising – it will extend your reach in recruiting ideal labor.

Take Advantage of Resume Databases

To avoid wasting your time on resume databases, make sure to only call your top candidates on the first week of recruiting or else they will have been recruited by someone else. For the rest of the qualified candidates, you can send them an email with a compelling description of the job opportunity that you are offering. You can send the email to anyone who qualifies to your requirements and include a call-to-action for them to respond.

Make Appealing Advertisements

Always remember that traditional job descriptions are already a thing of the past. Do not bore your candidates with traditional advertisement with list of skills and work experience; instead use creative titles and describe what he or she will be doing and learning with the job. Also, if there are any, include the growth opportunities that come with the job. This strategy is effective in recruiting ideal labor from the numerous qualified candidates available.

Last but not least……

Over the Phone Interviews

If the candidates you are seeking are call center agents, don’t waste time having them come in to the center for a personal interview until you have interviewed them over the phone. When recruiting our At Home Agents and for our clients, Kathy Sisk Enterprises conducts two over the phone interviews before we arrange the agent interview in person. After all, what we hear in an interview is more important than what we see.

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