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Develop The Habit of Monitoring and Coaching

Much of the articles I write discuss agent training, however once training is completed the next step is to ensure the floor manager continues the training process. The following are tips on proper coaching to motivate agents and help them adhere what they’ve learned and integrate accountability.

An Effective Coach Should Know How To:    

  • Provide on the spot personal attention on a regular basis
  • Recognize other people’s needs for coaching and counseling
  • Coach on a consistent basis
  • Schedule time each week to conduct “hands-on” assessments
  • Hold agents accountable for improved performance
  • Address performance or attitude issues in a timely manner
  • Be patient, offer encouraging words and always bring out the best in them prior to critiquing
  • Know what to listen for, how to recognize when the correct skills are exhibited, and give constructive feedback
  • Use professional language, learn how to resolve conflicts and the ability to negotiate

Motivational Techniques To Get Agents Producing

  • Give a specific goal or target to reach each day

For example, you can say for outbound calling:

“Today I would like you to pre-select 50 potential contacts that you will make for tomorrow.” 

  • Get your agents to meet at least one daily requirement each day
  • Don’t force agents or make threats such as, job security to get them motivated to do their best
  • Treat your agents professionally at all times.
  • Ask for their input of what they could accomplish based on past experiences
  • Define what it would take to meet the department goals
  • Get agents to participate when setting up your department and team objectives

Developing Your Departmental Motivation Plan

  • Set the criteria for winning rewards and be fair and attainable
  • Decide what your campaign objectives are and when you want to reach them
  • Evaluate unforeseen problems that have occurred in other reward campaigns to prevent a repeat of previous mistakes
  • Trace your steps to find out where the source of previous problems came from
  • Determine the specific criteria that need to be met to grant whatever reward you are offering
  • Be clear on the timeframe you will start and end the campaign and what is considered eligible or non-eligible
  • Predetermine the rewards you will offer based on the difficulty of the campaign
  • Remind agents of how close they are in reaching their goals and if they’re falling short of them
  • Help them determine what is the problem and find ways to overcome it
  • Do not isolate each agent’s results. Instead, publicize their results such as: using cardboard thermometers hung on a wall with each obtainable goal as measurements shown in “red”.  Make a positive statement!
  • Incorporate an accountability factor into your campaign. This means: what, how, and when you will collect data and evaluate results.  Define the methods you will use to distribute rewards.  This includes what role management will play and any fanfare etc….

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